How To Get The Perfect Summer Legs

Summer might be on its way out and you might not have been in perfect shape for it this year, but as all good fitness instructors will tell you – now is the time to immediately start training for next summer! Okay so you might want to start wrapping up and hiding your body away as the colder weather sets in but why not use it as an opportunity to hone your physique into the one that you have been wanting all this time?

We can admit that it can be difficult to step into the gym on a regular basis but stick to it and it can become more of a pleasure than a chore. Remember that getting those slim legs that you want require some serious prep work so it’s better to start early rather than what we typically do two weeks before our vacation.

To help you on your way we have compiled a guide to getting the perfect summer legs and there is no better time to start than now!

Fake Tanning
So we thought we would ease you in gently and this tip doesn’t involve any form of exertion. Instead it is about being more inventive with fake tan on your legs. Remember that layering fake tan is the best way to shade and shape legs, it will also make your tan last longer. Applying additional bronzing spray to the fronts of the legs after tanning can help create the illusion of sculpted calves.

The Right Exercises
One of our favourite ways to lift our bums and create the illusion of longer legs is to use an exercise band whilst walking. It is a simple exercise and a portable move that means there is no excuse not to introduce it into your lifestyle.

Moisturise Correctly
By using a rich moisturiser down the centre of the leg (along the shin bone) you are going to help reflect light and create the impression of a sexier leg.

Disco Lunges
Now discos and lunges might not be your idea of fun but they are a great move for toning your legs, glutes and even strengthening your core. If you are struggling begin with lower reps and raise the number as you become stronger.

Scrub Away That Cellulite
If you want to remove some unwanted cellulite then there is no better way than a dry body brush. Often people forget to use gentle circular motions and instead opt for firmer up and down scrubbing as they feel it will have more of an immediate effect.

Water Water Everywhere
Water is essential in having a healthy body and flushing away all those extra toxins. Make sure you are drinking enough water, especially if you are exercising frequently and this should help prevent your body from retaining as much fluid.

Shave Properly
A lot of women are at fault for shaving incorrectly and surprisingly men are better at doing it than women. If you don’t rinse your razor after a couple of uses then you are going to clog up the blade and end up with a more uneven shave as well as increasing your chances of clogged pores or ingrown hairs.