How Do You Understand and Develop Your Sense of Style?

There are few people who are so blind to their body shape, their personal preferences, and the advice of their friends and relatives, that each time that they go on a clothes shopping expedition people hold their head in their hands.
If you’ve reached first base, then you probably know what you like and dislike and have a fair gathering of cool clothes in your wardrobe that you could strut out in. But here’s a 64,000 dollar question- what is your sense of style? Not what is fashionable.
Go to your favourite stores and browse around. Also look online and see what colours and designs you like. If you are blown away by something, then get to try it on. If you are still all a-tremble then buy it. Instincts, particularly in women, are generally right more often than they’re not. Next look for matching clothes and accessories. You are likely to wear the killer garment a lot, and so will want lots of sartorial companions for its outings!
This may seem blindingly obvious but needs to fit perfectly. People come in all shapes and sizes and if the item you want to buy is perfect, it must fit you properly. I mean properly. Don’t fool yourself just because you love the colour or the design. If it doesn’t fit it doesn’t fir. Leave it on the clothes hanger. But when you do find something you like, as I said earlier, and it fits, snap it up! Perhaps a retro leather jacket that will never go out of fashion, or a pair of perfectly fitting black skinny jeans?
Consider your style. Are you a rock chick at heart, a hippy retro chick, a classy classic professional lady, a sexy slinky diva? You can have more than one style, but you shouldn’t confuse people and start displaying a multitude of styles in different places. A ball gown in the Office is not really on, distressed jeans and a semi-offensive logo tee is not so good at your sister’s wedding. So you need to make sure you match your clothes with your body shape, with what you like, with other clothes in the ensemble, and that the style is appropriate to the occasion.
There’s one final thing you need to do. That’s purge and discard (or sell or give to the charity shop) clothes that no longer fit into, you, that you no longer like, that are not going to fit in with your new clothes. Otherwise you may be tempted to try to match and wear your old clothes with your new and that will taint your new look and drag you back. Get all your clothes out from your wardrobe and lay them out on the bed and be harsh and critical. Check the colours (have they faded?) and the cuffs, collars and hems (are they frayed?). The best way to do this is with a friend who can argue with you against your decisions to keep clothes you haven’t worn for ages!