Festivals Forever: Not “Hair” Today, Gone Tomorrow!

I love open-air music festivals and judging by the number of new festivals springing up each year supplementing the more well-known ones such as Glastonbury, so do the majority of people. Even in the UK where our weather is notoriously dodgy, it doesn’t deter people from parting with their hard-earned cash and spending a few days in a tent with thousands of others, enjoying live music (and all the peripheral events that can be found away from the main stages).
Of course, knowing that you’ll be mixing with hundreds if not thousands of other people, with TV cameras, and everyone snapping pictures/selfies with their mobiles, you’ll need to be dressed “correctly”- or at least not so as to embarrass you or your friends. So not only do you need to make sure you have something waterproof, you have to have something camera-proof, at least for the few months people will be looking at their festival pictures on social media pages.
But there is something else more radical you could do before you go to the festival to change your appearance. No, I’m not talking body surgery, I’m talking something less painful- a fresh barnet fair job- a hair-cut those not understanding cockney rhyming slang. You can really make an impression by having a major tidy-up of your follicles.
Assuming you have had over-long hair and have had a similar style for ages, I suggest you go for a classic graduation shape cut. Ask your barber, hair stylist or your Mum (!) to keep the sides and the back shorter than the top but don’t let it be cut it too “cleanly” – it needs a bit of length around the edges to give it a nice chunky texture and not make you look a “thin head”.
After the cut, wash your crowning glory, towel dry and apply something like VO5‘s Casual Control Fluff Tamer – enough to cover two finger tips. Have you not tried it before? It’s pretty convincing. Work throughout your hair and focus on the front; this will control any stray hairs and enhance the style without looking too refined and OTT. The last thing you want to look like at a festival is a salon model!
Next, leave to dry naturally or, if you really must, dry with a hair dryer on a cool setting but don’t ruffle the hair up too much at this stage as it’ll spoil the end result. Once your hair is dry, add some of VO5’s Casual Control Dry Texture Spray, or something similar, to finish it all off. This will help define and solidify the shape to your new cut and keep your hair in control without feeling like you’ve overloaded extras. It should still look “natural”.
As for clothes, well, you should know best. I saw a lot of “Double denim” at this year’s early summer festivals. It used to be thought of as brave, if not foolhardy, but can look great if the denim shades are markedly different. Go for slim cut or baggier skinny jeans to give off a more relaxed and a less ‘try hard’ look and team them with your faithful old trainers, which will keep your look from seeming too styled and more casual. Top with a quality black leather biker-type jacket.
Now go and have some fun!